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Practice English & Maths worksheets for Grade 1 to 6

Grade 1 Maths

Counting Objects, Counting & Actions, Reading & Writing Numbers, More and Less, Between, Tens & Ones, Ordering Numbers, Number Pairs, Combining Sets, Counting on, Single Digit Addition, Double Digit Addition, Fact Families, Number Bonds, Taking away and counting back, Subtraction & Difference, Picture Subtraction, Number Bonds, Numerals and Number Words, Single Digit Subtraction, Double digit Subtraction, Subtractions Word problems, Odd and Even, Doubles & Halves, Number Patterns, Number lines, Missing Numbers, Estimating, Sharing & Grouping, Length & Width, Geometry, Symmetry, Time, Handling Data, Addition & Subtraction Grade 1 Maths Worksheets

Grade 1 English

Handwriting Skills, Reading Skills, Phonics, Picture Sentences, Sentence Work, Comprehension Passage, Spellings, Text Work, Picture Prompt, Alphabets, Rhyming words, Word families, Rearranging words, Punctuation Grade 1 English Workshets

Grade 2 Maths

Counting in Tens & Ones, Digit Values, Estimating & Counting, Odd & Even, Doubles, Ordering & between, Less than & Greater than, Ordinal Numbers, Number Patterns, Number Pairs, Adding & Subtracting, Missing Numbers, One more One less, Fact Families, Multiplication, Division, Shapes, Fractions, Shapes everywhere, Liquid Measure, Comparison, Geometry, Time, Handling Data, Word Problems Grade 2 Maths Worksheets

Grade 2 English

Handwriting Skills, Phonics, Sentence Work, Literacy, Comprehension, Word families, Punctuation, Question marks, Vowels, Noun, Adjective Grade 2 English Worksheets

Grade 3 Maths

Place Value, Numbers, Fractions, Calculation, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Shapes, Geometry, Position & Movement, Length, Mass, Volume, Time, Data Handling Grade 3 Maths Worksheets

Grade 3 English

Handwriting Skills, Idioms, Word Families, Contraction Words, Sentence Work, Spellings, Comprehension passage, Word Work, Article, Auxiliary Verbs, Ordering sentences, Suffix, Compound words, Syllables Grade 3 English Worksheets

Grade 4 Maths

Place Value, Counting On & Counting Back, Using Decimal Notation, Mental Addition & Subtraction, Number Sequence, Word Problems, Addition, Subtraction, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication, , Division, Fractions, Decimal & Fractions, Measurement, , Time, Shapes & Geometry, Position & Movement, Data handling Grade 4 Maths Worksheets

Grade 4 English

Word Building, Phonics, Spelling list, Comprehension Passage, Word Work, Abbreviations, Prefix, Homonym, Proverbs, Compound words, Double letters, Phonemes, Singular, Plural, Fact or Opinion, Homophones, Latin root words, Synonyms Grade 4 English Worksheets

Grade 5 Maths

Place Value, Number, Fraction, Decimal & Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Mental Calculation Strategies, Calculation, Shapes, Position & Movement, Length, Time, Area & Perimeter, Handling Data. Grade 5 Maths Worksheets

Grade 5 English

Word Families, Sentence Work, Spelling list, Comprehension Passage, Poems, Writing letters, Research Skills, Word Work, Proverbs, Palindromes, Punctuations, Tenses, Colloquialisms, Suffix, prefix, Homonym, Collective nouns, Personification, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Types of Sentences, Creative writing, Descriptive writing, Metaphors, Apostrophes, Eponyms, Pangrams, Silent letters, Similes, Chronology of events Grade 5 English Worksheets

Grade 6 Maths

Numbers, Number Operation, Points & Lines, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Index & Exponent, Order of Operations, Number Properties, Fractions, Polygons, Adding Fractions, Decimals, Problem Solving, Addition, Subtraction, Powers of 10, Multiplication & Division, Area, Volume & Capacity, Percentage, Probability, Statistics, Transformation, Sets, Line & Bar Graphs Grade 6 Maths Worksheets

Grade 6 English

Handwriting Skills, Word Building, Phonics, Sentence Work, Spelling List, Text Work, Word Work, Creative Writing, Colloquialism, Connectives, Parts of speech, Prepositions, Subject, Verb & Agreement, Comparatives & Superlatives, Alliteration, Homophones, Conjunctions, Capitalization, Cause & Effect, Direct & Indirect speech, Onomatopoeia, Misplaced/Dangling modifiers, Personification, Mnemonic, Time Clauses, Antonyms, Creative writing Grade 6 English Worksheets

Grade1to6 is a digital platform for Free and premium printable worksheets of Math & English organized by topic & grade. Worksheets in are aligned with CBSE, ICSE, State board ( Indian) / IB/ K-6/ Key Stage 2/ ICSE/ Singapore/ Australian/ R 12 of Africa, Canadian and most curriculum ideally suited for Schools, teachers, tutors and parents. is the number one and most preferred worksheets website for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 & Grade 6, created by reputed international teachers & skilled content providers featuring over 6,000 printable worksheets for practice with new worksheets added regularly.

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