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Great to reinforce knowledge taught. Imogen D

Wow. Comprehensive and easy to choose necessary additional resources when I need it to supplement my Math Program. Gail S

Great for modified programs in elementary. Michelle. L

Everything was so organized! very happy to have found this. Randeep. D

This is easy to grab and print when you need just some straight up practice. This is a fantastic package. The Canadian curriculum is a little different, so I'm able to use parts of this for all the different levels of students in my class - from grade 2 to grade 6. Lisa B

Excellent! loved it. Sharon. W

Great resource for my differentiated students. Lilli. H

This is great! Emily R

Good angle work. My class loved it. Janice M

Great math supplement! Charise. G

Practice English & Maths worksheets for Grade 1 to 6 is a digital platform for Free and premium printable worksheets of Math & English organized by topic & grade. Worksheets in are aligned with

CBSE, ICSE, State board following Indian curriculum

IB & International curriculum

Our worksheets are ideal for home practice by students & classroom practice by teachers at schools. Introducing Digital PDF E-Workbooks for each grade and Customised worksheet bundles for schools.

Free Math and English worksheet samples

Grade 1

Addition, subtraction, counting, estimating, number bonds, geometry, handwriting skills, phonics, alphabets and more.

English Maths

Grade 2

Multiplication, division, number pairs, tens & ones, time, measurement, word families, phonics, comprehension passages and more.

English Maths

Grade 3

Place value, fraction, shapes, position & movement, measurement, Idioms, contractions, spelling list, sentence work and more.

English Maths

Grade 4

Decimal notation, number sequence, word problems, fractions, data handling, abbreviations, prefix, homonym and more.

English Maths

Grade 5

Place value, decimal & percentage, ratio & proportion, time, proverbs, palindromes, punctuations, tenses and more.

English Maths

Grade 6

Number operation, order of operations, index & exponent, graphs, probability, statistics, colloquialism, connectives, parts of speech, prepositions and more.

English Maths

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